The chiropractic adjustment – what to expect

At Flourish, our chiropractors use orthopaedic blocks and the activator instrument to adjust the pelvis, spine and extremities. Soft tissue therapies, and spinal manipulation may also be used if indicated. Nutritional support, rehabilitative exercise and home care are also a very important part of the healing process. Our chiropractors use SOT chiropractic to facilitate the healing process. It is the individual who personally does the healing.

Initial consultation

Your first visit to Flourish for a chiropractic assessment is an extended visit. We take time to discuss your health concerns and ask you to fill in a comprehensive health questionnaire that you will receive before your initial consultation. Your chiropractor will then discuss your health goals with and explain how we can help. If the chiropractor thinks we can help you, they will perform a comprehensive, postural, physical, orthopaedic, neurological and chiropractic examination. This appointment is about gathering clinical data. This approach determines a baseline for your tailored individual, evidence-based, chiropractic case. Adults may be referred off site for x-rays, CT or MRI if the chiropractor feels the scans are necessary.

In most adult cases, chiropractic care will not start until testing is completed, clinical findings are considered and your chiropractor has made a clinical diagnosis and individual treatment plan. These results will be discussed with you in the second visit or report of findings.

Report of findings

This visit is an extended visit in which you discuss with your chiropractor the results of your initial consultation and further testing. You should feel free to ask questions and discuss the recommended treatment plan. Treatment plans are re-assessed regularly as your body improves.

Regular consultations

Our regular consultations are extended visits. We allow time for you to ask questions each visit and to guide you through your treatment plan. Nutritional support, home care and rehabilitation exercises will change as you do. Many chiropractic clients manage their health and wellbeing with other health modalities offered at Flourish. These include: Acupuncture; Massage Therapy; Naturopathy; Homeopathy; Medical Intuition and Neuro Pilates.

Our wellbeing philosophy

  • We believe that prevention is better than cure
  • We believe maintaining an optimal functioning nervous system is of paramount importance.
  • We know optimal nutrition supports the body’s ability to self-repair and self-regulate.
  • We know daily suitable exercise stimulates our neurology and strengthens our musculoskeletal system.
  • We endorse adequate rest and relaxation to refresh your mind, body and spirit.