Self-Directed Pilates in The Pilates Pod

Pilates in your own time

Are you a Pilates Enthusiast?

Do you have previous Pilates experience and are finding it difficult to make it to a class?

Are you looking for something to compliment your exercise routine?

Do you enjoy working out in a boutique environment?

Do you want to practice Pilates a number of times a week in your own time at your own convenience?

We are delighted to give our clients and friends of Flourish the opportunity to use our state of the art Pilates equipment in the Pilates Pod. Enjoy the private use of this quiet, intimate space. The Pilates Pod is perfect for people with busy schedules and irregular work hours. Self-Directed Pilates is perfect for people who can’t find the time to join a regular busy class or prefer to practice Pilates on your own with your own personal individualised program. It is also the perfect space to escape from the kids and work day after a busy day!

Bring your current Pilates program from your favourite instructor

Update your Pilates program with one of our instructors

Incorporate some NeuroPilates to enhance your mind/body awareness

Connect online with your favourite Pilates class and mix it up!

Improve your posture, physical strength, neurological awareness, proprioception, flexibility and mind/body connection.

Enhance your Pilates performance with a self-directed Pilates session in the Pilates Pod at Flourish.

The Pilates Pod is available 6 days a week at Flourish

Bookings through reception :  25 per hour for individual, 40 per hour for 2 friends

PH 9689 9136

Beautiful Stotts Pilates Equipment in the Pilates Pod


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