At Flourish, our practitioners are passionate about empowering women and their support team during preconception, pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal care.

Preconception: consciously planning your flourishing family

One of the most amazing times we enjoy in our practice is helping couples consciously conceive their children. We see it as an honour to follow couples through this period to a viable pregnancy. We have assisted many families on this journey. It is of paramount importance when planning to conceive, that your body is at its peak, physically, chemically and emotionally. At Flourish, our practitioners have completed further training in fertility to assist couples with their preconception health. Your nervous system is the master commander of your body it needs to be in peak form when consciously conceiving a child, throughout your pregnancy and for those busy times ahead with a newborn. Our practitioners can advise you on nutritional support and exercise in the lead up to your planned pregnancy.