Sarah Harris

Sarah Harris

BHSc.(Nat), DipRemMass NHAA, ANTA, Cert. Fertility Management

Sarah is a qualified and experienced naturopath, herbalist and nutritionist with more than a decade of knowledge and practice in complementary medicine. As a mother of three children and highly skilled in providing naturopathic care, Sarah has a special interest in treating children of all ages. Her empathetic and kind nature instills comfort and confidence when providing advice to parents about their child’s health and she works well with families and individuals to find solutions for health concerns.

As a paediatric naturopath Sarah regularly updates her expertise with new research and treatment techniques to enable her to achieve best practice in traditional and evidence-based naturopathic medicine.  Her approach to family and children’s health has been fostered by the need to make it easy and effective for the family to implement any necessary changes. She provides practical knowledge, integrating dietary and lifestyle advice with naturopathic medicines to create an individual, step-by-step program; empowering clients to achieve their desired health outcomes.

Along with prescribing safe, effective and practical naturopathic remedies such as herbal medicine, nutritional supplements and homeopathy when essential, Sarah can work in conjunction with other healthcare providers to ensure a collaborative and supportive approach.  Sarah shares her time between Flourish and her other private practice in East Melbourne, providing general naturopathic treatment and caring for clients of all ages.

Babies, toddlers, school age children, teens and families are well supported under Sarah’s naturopathic care.  For more information about how Sarah can assist, you can read her most recent journals on our website blog page or contact reception for an appointment.