Sara Fitzpatrick

Sara Fitzpatrick


Sara Fitzpatrick completed her Bachelor degree at Endeavour College of Natural Health, qualifying as a Naturopathic Practitioner. Her passion lies in getting to the root cause of your condition whilst taking a holistic approach to healthcare.

Sara tailors treatments on an individual basis which may include nutritional and herbal medicine, diet and lifestyle modifications and applying an integrative approach to assist in your personalised care.

Sara’s own journey with her health issues when she was younger lead to her passion in Naturopathy, with a special interest in gut health and the intricate involvement this can play on our immune system.

Her commitment to evidence-based medicine ensures she keeps up to date with the latest research whilst also incorporating traditional practices that have been used for many years.

Sara prides herself on building rapport with her patients and shows great empathy towards their individual health issues. She looks forward to meeting with you and assisting you on your health journey.